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You want more from your Sycamore Senior Photographers – right?

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Sycamore Senior Photographers

If you’re a senior, you’ve probably gotten a flyer or notice that yearbook photos are coming up! The yearbook company hired by the high school wants you to do your indoor photos to commemorate your senior year + get your yearbook photo done at the same time.

But guess what? You want more than that! Trust me. Here’s why!

1/ Your senior photos should be more than a few quick snapshots

You’re an individual, you have your own story! The yearbook company has their set pose checklist taking all the same poses of every senior. This is a BIG MILESTONE! The end of a chapter! A big year to CELEBRATE!

Who wants cookie-cutter, identical senior portraits? You have more than one cookie-cutter story to tell + you deserve to take a day and celebrate your last year of high school.

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Have a coke + a smile

2/ High school life is almost over and life changes BIG TIME!

So many changes are coming after graduation from going to college, where you live, and the whole “adult” thing. Hit the pause button when there is still time. You’ve done a lot in the last 17-years {parents too}.

Why not make a fun story memory?

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Your senior portraits could be all horse play

You can choose indoor portraits, on-location in natural park settings, or with urban flair! Let’s show your personality + tell your high school story!

I designed my business to curate + guide you in telling your story through photography.

We plan where to go, wardrobe suggestions, prints, products, and how to incorporate things like instruments, pets, or that varsity jacket you worked so hard for!

You’ll get more freedom to be yourself and TELL YOUR STORY!

Cheers & Sparkles

đŸ’–Andrea | Your Story-Telling Senior Photographer

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If you’re planning your upcoming session, be sure to check out our Senior Lookbook and our Senior Experience page!


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