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Who needs some new songs for their back to school playlist?

Let’s get playin!

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Music can really make all the difference in the morning! Well, coffee too.

The right music will energize me through my workouts, or long nights spent creatively editing images for my clients. Today I wanted to share some dance + singing choices in case you’re looking to make a few new playlists for the drive to school. Or to get you ready for those long romantic nights with your textbooks.

I have a subscription to Spotify, which is really economical and well worth the money, in my opinion! When I first heard about Spotify, I wasn’t sure about the $9.99 a month price tag, but I realized that if I bought just one album a month, that’s about the same cost, and the streaming gives me access to just about any song.

You can also use the free version if you have constant access to Wi-Fi (like when you’re at home).

Apple music is also a great value, since you can add family members to it, and they also have a massive library of music to choose from, even older albums.

As part of my customized senior experience, I create playlists for my clients that I fill with their favorite songs! Sometimes we just have-ta dance it out while we’re taking photos.

I confess, I may be dating myself with my music choices below. I say this because I was recently visiting colleges with my daughter, and our tour guides were raving about the awesome musical acts they bring on campus from time to time for the students. ?As he was naming the groups I leaned over to my daughter and asked?if any of the?bands/groups he mentioned were from this country {gasp} because I had not heard of ANY of them! She just laughed at me. So while my playlist may seem dated to teens, it doesn’t hurt to give it a listen for some study inspiration right? And if you have some new songs, PLEASE share them in the comments below. This gal can still learn new music 😉

My Playlist:

  • Classic by MKTO
  • Honey, I’m Good -Andy Grammer
  • Fight Song -Rachel Platten
  • America’s Sweetheart -Elle King
  • Confident -Demi Lovato
  • Closer -Chainsmokers
  • Starships -Nicki Minaj
  • Dibs -Kelsea Ballerini
  • Shape of You -Ed Sheeran
  • Rock Bottom -Hailee Steifeld
  • Castle-The Huntsman Halsey
  • I’m a Lady -Meghan Trainor
  • Shine Supernova -Aaron Zigman
  • If Only -Dove Cameron
  • Headphones -Britt Nicole
  • Paper Rings -Taylor Swift
  • Gold -Britt Nicole
  • Dancing in the Dark -Rihanna
  • 2002 -Anna-Marie

Have a great back to school week!

Cheers & Sparkles

💖Andrea | Your Dancing Photographer

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