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If we lose focus of our BRAND + showing customers who’s behind it, there won’t be much BUSINESS to attend to.

You love what you do but there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done PERFECT.

And that’s okay, because aiming for perfect is a farce! However, aiming for our best is a completely different target, and one we should to put at the center.

Building a dream not only takes serious planning + time, but precise organization with each piece of your time. It’s a BALANCING ACT. Too much of one task sacrifices time on another.

Let’s picture this balancing act for a minute.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create the perfect chocolate? If you’ve ever been to the All Chocolate Kitchen I know you’ve at least tasted amazing chocolate. Making a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffle takes a balance of QUALITY ingredients, at the exact temperatures and turns out the best tasting confection and get you to return for more every chance you get.

It doesn’t stop there…

Once Chef Roby had that perfect chocolate balance it needed a presentation to entice our eyes before we’d pay a premium to get it to our tongues. ACK has mixed all of the ingredients, presented it to our eyes as soon as we walk in the door, and mastered getting us, the customer, back through the door over & over again. Chef Roby didn’t just open up a chocolate shop, he created a chocolate experience, an enticing BRAND.

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Think he did it alone? Think he’s the only chef to master the art of mouth-watering chocolate confections?

No and no.

oh, and “no”, I don’t work for or know the inner-workings of ACK, but I know branding and know when a business get’s it right.

When you walk in the door you see, smell, and hear everything chocolate. I’m craving the sound + taste of their chocolate mocha as I type this!

If you follow them on social media {for me, it’s instagram} you’ll see the makings of a chocolate creation, filming days, happy customers, fun employees…


ACK shares little pieces of their business to stay top-of-mind, so when you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll say,

“Let’s stop in and get a piece of their chocolate raspberry mousse, truffle, gelato, chocolate mocha…”

Yes, I’ve stopped in once or twice for each one of those. I’m a big believer in doing my research and I’ve been studying their chocolate for years 😉

Let’s say you don’t have a brick and mortar shop, like myself.

It’s still important to your business to create a brand that people remember and mention whenever asked, “Do you know a good ______________?”

You want your business to be the FIRST they think of when that question’s asked. If you’re doing your best {not perfect}, you get remembered.

Now, back to best over perfect.

Chef Roby puts together a recipe that best fits his business. I’d bet you a life-size chocolate bunny that he doesn’t manage ACK instagram feed. And since I can’t afford for him to make a life-size chocolate bunny, I’m pretty confident in saying that 😉 He has help in the parts of the business that others have expertise.

So why would you try to manage EVERYTHING yourself?

Why would you give up hours, or even days, of family + friends to do the tasks that are outside YOUR BEST?

Now, if you enjoy it and want to get better at it, that’s something totally different – GO FOR IT!

But tasks like branding images, social media, blog writing, which are all vital to a business today, why would you force yourself to do those tasks and give it a lack-luster job?

It costs money and I get that, I definitely get that. But the question you should be asking is,

“WHERE is my money + time BEST SPENT to reach my goals?”

It doesn’t magically happen like the Easter Bunny delivering ACK chocolate to your basket every year. I’m guessing our bunny friend gets help making that chocolate magic happen and ACK gets help making their brand memorable too!

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Running my business and re-branding took a lot of time, money, and education. If you’re thinking of inviting the world into your business I can help. It’s not about a simple shoulder-up headshot anymore, it’s being human + relatable to your customers through on-going behind-the-scenes photography and business stories.

Curious to learn a little more about branding sessions? [email protected]

Cheers & Sparkles


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