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Your Business Brand | What To Photograph | Geneva IL

Your Business Brand takes planning before the actual shooting day.

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Curating the best personal brand takes a vision so you attract a community of clients that value what you offer them.

It begins with classic headshots that you present on all of your social media profiles, Realtor signage, business cards, and email correspondence.

SMP Sidenote:: Use recent headshots throughout your profiles. Our attention is growing shorter, so when they click from your article on Linkedin to your facebook business page, there shouldn’t be any question it’s the same person. When you update one profile image – update them all.

Your headshots are the invitation into your business.

Headshots should be updated every year or the longest, two years. Picture it as your invitation to the party. If you want customers to click to see more you need to give them a professional and up-to-date image to recognize you. Once you invite potential customers into your business it’s time to pull the curtain back and bring them all in to experience your business. This is the big event, where you present what it’s like to work with you. And be a part of your community where you solve their pain-points. We curate your business brand and plan out the images that tell your professional story and how you help your customers. We all crave a good story. And reverting back to our childhoods, we love a good story with pictures.

Here are a few of my professional tips for planning your business brand images to tell your story::

Planning is KEY to a successful business brand. I walk my clients through each step of planning, starting with my questionnaire to get the basics of the business + the most important pieces that bring value to their customers.

  • Once you have your ideal client avatar, ask yourself what the number 1 way to show how you serve them
  • Plan your business wardrobe around your colors + style
  • Take images that show your personality
  • Show what it’s like to work with you
  • Include your logo when possible/appropriate
  • Always keep your brand colors in mind

And last, but one of the most important, annnnnd sometimes a bit tricky…

Include key elements or pieces that trigger the brain to think of YOU when they see them.


“Le-me-es-plain…No, there is too much…lemme-sum up” {Can you name the movie quote?}

Shining Moments Photography, or SMP for short, is a business I’ve built over the last ten years. If you’ve been around for the journey, thank you, + hopefully you’ve noticed a few pieces about my photography business…

1/ The name of my business doesn’t follow the norm of including my name. Why? My name doesn’t roll off the tongue + I love adding a little sparkle to your day!

2/ Shining Moments celebrates the BIG milestones of your senior portraits + making your mark in your profession {headshots + branding}

3/ I love quotes… Inspirational quotes to brighten up your day + movie quotes that bring a laugh or good memory back to you. {Have you guessed that movie quote yet?} I share quotes over on my Instagram story along with images + videos with sparkle and fun from my sessions.

4/ When you’re walking around town and see something that sparkles or shines, or the words themselves, I want the thought, “Shining Moments Photography or Andrea” to pop into your head!

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Make a plan.

Bring it to life though pictures.

There is a lot of planning, gathering, and coordinating when it comes to making a shining brand portfolio. I can help you through the process and bring more fun into your shooting day.

However, if your business plan isn’t there yet, I hope these branding tips help you get started. If you’d like to get more help I have these two articles to take you further into getting better headshots + business brand photos.

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P.S. You business brand involves pulling the curtain back so you can build your community of happy clients. I know I’m not the photographer for everyone. And that’s OKAY. I want to be the photographer for that special someone looking for a fun, quirky, + sparkly story teller for their Shining Moments!

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Add some personality + SPARKLE! Business Doesn’t Have To Be Boring.

P.P.S Did you get the movie yet? The all-time-classic in our household… The Princess Bride

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💖Pieces of SMP:: Camera, SMP logo, I’m a coffee drinker, I love quotes + inspiration {mug + books}, black + white are my primary colors {with a bit of SPARKLE}💖


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