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Grad Party Checklist | Sycamore Senior Photographer

Here is Your Grad Party Checklist

Senior’s want a grad party to remember! You want family + friends to come relax and hang-out one last time before Summer fun and college prep begin.

And raise your hands in the air for a stress-free party! You have a ton of things to juggle at the end of senior year.

That’s where I swoop inn to help! 

I have simple ideas to make your party planning easier. If you have an upcoming senior I have your GRAD PARTY PLANNER download to start helping for next year.

Create a Theme::

Don’t make it complicated. A theme helps the cohesiveness + pull your ideas together.  I love simple color themes. Use your high school or college colors.  If you’re heading to nursing school, or planning to play a certain sport, those are good themes too.  Also tells guests what’s coming up in your next chapter.

Plan a Photo Booth::

I love this idea because it not only gives your guests something fun to do, it helps you remember who was at your party + preserves your memories.  Set up a backdrop with something you purchase (lots of ideas on Etsy + Pinterest).

OR, you can make it super easy on yourself by hiring someone to set up a Photo Booth and take all the photos of your guests.  If you don’t hire a photographer, be sure to ask a family member to take photos for you.

I’ve said it a 1,000 times… you don’t get this moment back so make sure you capture the memories!

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‘Words of Wisdom’ jar::

Create a jar with pieces of paper + pens for guests to share or have it magazine style, which I can create for you. {another easy hand-off}😉Compact + simple to take with you, no matter where your party is!